Coney Island, the once magnificent “Playground of the World” has survived many battles, but now faces its greatest enemy: corporate greed. Coney Island: Dreams for Sale brings to light the complex political struggles that are happening in Coney Island behind closed doors. The New York City administration and Thor Equities, a major developer in the region, have a lot invested in the redevelopment of Coney Island. Unfortunately, their visions are in contrast with each other, and with those who have made a life working at the amusement park. The plot thickens as a roller coaster of political back-room deals unfolds, and a community of amusement and business owners find themselves caught in the middle of it all. Center stage in the passionate struggle to protect the amusement park is Dianna Carlin, owner of the fabulous Lola Star Boutique, and newly turned political activist. This modern day David and Goliath tale chronicles the courage and determination of a community to preserve the spirit and authenticity of a legendary American Icon and an entire way of life in the face of “Big Money” and ruthless real estate development.

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